DEZO WIPES - Disinfection wipes

DEZO WIPES is an alcohol-based disinfectant in the form of impregnated wipes for alcohol-resistant surfaces and hands. Ready to use. DEZO WIPES have extensive fungicidal and bactericidal properties, it destroys microorganisms, fungi and viruses.

DEZO WIPES is used for quick hand and skin disinfection. DEZO WIPES is also used for rapid surface disinfection in medical institutions, educational and pre-school establishments, catering and food processing plants (meat, dairy, fish and vegetable), hairdressing and beauty salons, hotels and spas and other places with high hygiene requirements. including in food processing companies, shops, cafes, etc. - disinfection of surfaces, tables, refrigerators, showcases, scales and equipment; in pre-school and general education institutions - for rapid disinfection of all types of surfaces and equipment; in hairdressing salons, beauty salons - cosmetic chairs, tables, etc. surface disinfection; elsewhere - for rapid disinfection of all types of surfaces and equipment.

DEZO WIPES - Disinfection wipes
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